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Author:  unborn baby
E-mail:  unbornbaby@hotmail.com
Date:  12/26/2005 9:10:00 PM
Subject:  source 4 unborn baby
Message:  I just wanted to point out to you a legitimate source abt the superstition not to buy things for a baby till it is born.
Someone wanted to buy me a crib she saw for a really good price while i was pregnant. So she called up Rabbi Abadi and he said she can buy it and keep it in her house till i have the baby, but I cant buy it and she shouldnt tell me about it.
Im not sure wat his source is, but i figured quoting your father would be legit enough.
Reply:  I asked him about this tonight. He doesn't remember why or which time but he still tells some people not to, if it is going to cause all kinds of issues. (especially the spooked out SYs)

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