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Author:  Elena
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Date:  12/26/2005 11:08:00 AM
Subject:  shomer negiah
Message:  My 9 year old son is interested in being shomer negiah. What can I tell him about it that is age-appropriate?
Reply:  Tell him that it's not an issue of "Shomer Negiah," but rather keeping the Laws of the Torah. By labeling it Shomer Negiah, we have given the ones who are not Shomer, a license to do that. What if I am not Shomer Retzichah? That would mean I don't follow the laws of not murdering. Or not Shomer Shabbat? We got laws and we need to keep them. Try to convey that concept to your son. Otherwise, it will not last. It will be just another phase he is going through.

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