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Author:  Solly H
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Date:  12/25/2005 9:54:00 PM
Subject:  Lighting Chanukah Candles in place of Business
Message:  Dear Rabbi

Alot of Businesses have a minyan for minha and I see sometimes people lighting the candles for Chanukah.
Is it permissible?I remember hearing some rabbis are against it. Just want to verify

Do we say a Beracha?

Thank you
Solly H

Reply:  If there is a minyan for Arbit/Maariv in a shul, then the candles should be lit there before they start, with a Beracha. If it is just a room where they make a minyan, we do not light there.
If people, who are single, are lighting for their personal Mitzva of lighting, then it is just as good to light at work and be able to light as soon as the time the mitzva is required. However, if they are married, they have to light at home.

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