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Author:  Local Rabbi
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Date:  12/24/2005 10:23:00 PM
Subject:  Mrs. Confused sure seems confused
Message:  Mrs. confused must live in an entirely different universe than I!

And why is she having her "normal" 18 year old date 30 year old men?

Let me also address the "frum" advocates of polygamy as a solution to the shidduch crisis: I can't imagine that those advocating polygamy really have a daughter that needs a good shidduch.
Reply:  One of the hardest trials of parenting is the shidduch scene. You only need one of the three people involved, the mother, father or child to be stressed out about their possibilities, to put everyone into a panic mode. Some people can sit back and wait. Others cannot. You are right that a 30 yr old is a bit too far, but sometimes he can be a bit immature and she can be a bit too mature and maybe it was 'meant to be'.
This is not an easy discussion

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