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Author:  Renee
E-mail:  kohn@ix.netcom.com
Date:  12/24/2005 8:43:00 PM
Subject:  unborn baby
Message:  The reason for not purchasing things for an unborn baby before the baby is born is just plain old practicality.

No matter how advanced our medical care gets, no matter how sure we feel that things will go right (and you should know that the US STILL ranks #24th in world infant mortality) there is still the possibility that you might not (chas v'shalom) come home with a baby.

Losing a baby is a terrible terrible ache. Imagine how much worse it is if you need to come home and then dismantle the baby's room, and pack away all those sweet little clothes too.

Because of this very real and unfortunate possiblity, it is a simple practicality, if at all possible, to purchase the things you will really need for the baby in the first weeks, wash them and if possible store them at a relative or friends house. Alternatively you might pack them in a clean storage container and keep them all in one place.

New babies need very very little (they are very very little) and you will probably get more gifts than you know what to do with. You can usually arrange with the baby store to deliver the bedroom set when the baby is born but new babies are often happier in small cradles or bassinets. The car seat you need to buy ahead but forget the stroller, walker, high chair etc. You won't need those for months and usually the things you will get as gifts will be better than what you would buy yourself.

Feel free to email me if you need any advice on how many undershirts, sleepers, blankets etc you need. I am also a self proclaimed expert on strollers, diapers, baby carriers etc having done this already nine times.

And yes, sadly like a number of my friends and relatives, I also did it once without having a baby too.
Reply:  Now, there is a down to earth approach. Thank you for breath of fresh air, again. Hashem knows what is best even if we do not understand with Him (chas V'shalom).

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