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Author:  jay
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Date:  12/18/2005 7:39:00 PM
Subject:  choosing minhagim
Message:  kvod harav.
My father did not keep kosher until i was an adult, though the house was kosher becauseof my mother,and i was raised in yeshiva(how this worked out is a whole other story)

from meat to milk, would someone llike me be free to choose whichever minhag i wanted 1,3, or six hours, for that matter if i knew the custom of the land my his parents came from, would that make any difference.
he was born in vienna, and his parents home wasnt kosher

2/ speaking of choosing minhagim, when a gentile converts to judaism, are they free to pick sepharidic or ashkkenazic minhagim,: doesit depend on the rav who converts them?
thank you
Reply:  Hopefully it's too late to answer this! The answer to both is "Pick a Rav and follow everything"

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