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Author:  David Rousso/Sephardi Kosher Organization
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Date:  12/18/2005 4:35:00 AM
Subject:  Yashar Koach
Message:  Dear Rabbis AA,CA and Ya and family
I really love the way you handle the arogance of some of these Am aratzim acting as if they can compete with your father or yourselves in terms of halachik knowledge.

"warnings" about products containing carmine demonstrate an absolute ignorance on the matter.So many Posquim as far back as the Meam loez speak about it yet some of these self proclaimed Talmidey Hachamim obviousley have never read ,learned or come across it!

All the hype about products containing grape juice or gelatine or glycerine demonstratest the same ignorance of Posquim and in spite of your many clear and explicit answers to others on this very web site regarding these very issues they still continue to doubt your and your fathers knowledge !

My mesage to everyone whom may have doubts as to the integrity of the Abadi familly Kashrut "reliabillity" .

WHOM ARE YOU GOING TO BELIEVE? A family of a great Halachik authority whom have written extensivley on Halacha ,OR
PEOPLE WHOM DONT EVEN HAVE THE INTELLIGENCE TO DO A SIMPLE SEARCH BEFORE ACCUSING! Never mind the lack of abillity to bother looking in the many volumes of Responsa!

You are making a big Kiddush Hashem Many of us do greatly appreciate the Mesirut Nefesh involved in running this website
Big Yashar Koach to all of you
D. Rousso

Reply:  Thank you for your kind words.
Those arrogant guys, sometimes, serve the purpose of keeping us on our toes. As you said, I wish they would do some research first. There can be two sides to an issue. You can ask or question, but being insulting just exposes them for what they are.
I just don't understand why people can't understand that my father may disagree with other Poskim. We have never said on this website that everyone holds like our father.

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