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Author:  Chaim nataf
E-mail:  f_nataf@lycos.com
Date:  12/16/2005 11:33:00 AM
Subject:  Reshut Harabim
Dear Cya,

I understand from your response that you still dont understand my point. I am confused. I am very sorry to be like that. I am at least comforted by the fact people like reb ovadia (Leviat chen on siman 325,a nd yabia omer 9,33 section 4),who fought his whole life for the shulkhan arukh's opinion to prevail, Rabbi abba shaul (or letzion 2, hakdama) and the erekh hashulkhan (Rabbi Taieb) were also so confused.

I guess these people werent as privileged as myself to have someone to shed light on this issue and in general to their maistaken understanding of halakha.

Chaim Nataf

Reply:  I understand your point. You don't want to hear another side. Well, at least R' Ovadia brought down both sides of the question.
If any of you would look up these sources you will see that there are those that hold that there is a reshut harabim nowadays (those days). Many also hold that a street that is 16 amot wide is a reshut harabim, like the mechaber said in Siman 345, at least enough to be a safek D'oraita.
Therefore in nowaday cities, many streets are a problem even according to those who only hold you need 600,000. But we must also be cognizant of the fact that many hold that a wide street is a problem. Being that this is a safek D'oraita, even you should be machmir.

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