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Author:  Huh?
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Date:  12/13/2005 12:24:00 PM
Subject:  RE: Mechaber- Reshut Harabim
Message:  H'Rav A,

I have no idea if I need to know anything about this because I am not sure what was asked, answered, re-asked, or reanswered . . .

Can you please give a summary in English? I think I understood every third word! (if that!)

Reply:  Nothing major.
He was trying to say that nowadays there is no such thing as a reshut harabim (a real public street in reference to carrying on Shabbat - which would be assur from the Torah and therefore it would be much harder to make an eruv). According to his thinking it is easier to carry on Shabbat in many places where there is an eruv.
On this website we have said many times that nowadays there are many street that would be a real eshut harabim and so an eruv would be very complicated to do. Therefore we say not to carry in those places.

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