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Author:  A. L.
E-mail:  abelederer@gmail.com
Date:  12/8/2005 3:10:00 PM
Subject:  Hat in Public
Message:  I attend a non-Jewish college (a separate story) and I try to wear my hat and jacket whenever I am there in order to 1) make a geder not to intermingle with aino yehudim/ yehudos and 2) because I assumed that lichatchila it is always better to wear a hat in public and 3) because I daven mincha/ maariv in the school.
An Orthodox student said that my wearing a hat and jacket makes all the frum Jews in college look weird, and that I should not be frum on his account. (I told him I'll ask a shaylas Rav)
Reply:  I guess he is embarassed about being Jewish. I assume you are stuck in this situation. It is very commendable that you are trying to protect yourself and making the best of a tough situation. Don't worry about that other guy. He has deeeeeper issues than you wearing a hat. Try to get him a Rov to straighten him out. Maybe send him to a Gateway Seminar for Orthodox singles. They created a Seminar for these kind of guys.

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