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Author:  SA
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Date:  12/2/2005 11:28:00 AM
Subject:  Shoes on Yom Kippur
Regarding this Q&A posted recently:

Author: Jay
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Date: 9/6/2005 1:43:00 PM
Subject: shoes
Message: Are leather shoes muktzah on Yom Kippur? If not, why (they have no use)?

Reply: No, you can wear them to and from shul


Is this a chidush from your father or is this brought down in Shulchan Aruch or its commentaries (like Aruch haShulchan, Kaf Hachaim, Mishna Berura, etc) ? If it's not a chidush from your father, where could we find this psak brought down in print ?

Reply:  Please take a look at Tur Orach Chaim Siman 554 and The Shulchan Aruch Orach Chaim #17 and all the different Rishonim and Achronim in reference to this Halacha and you'll see where the basis is.

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