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Author:  Abele Derer
E-mail:  abelederer@gmail.com
Date:  11/5/2005 9:56:00 PM
Subject:  Smoking
Message:  I of course know that it was assur to smoke. However, today, scientist predict (National Institute for Cancer, for example) that by the year 2015 cancer will no longer be fatal. Also, one is at an increased risk of lung cancer only if he has smoked a pack a day for seven years (or a half a pack for 14 years etc.). If so, is it muttar to begin smoking? (Although smoking also causes heart disease it is not by an extreme measure, and shomer pisayim may apply to such a minor measure, not to mention that a healthy diet and excercise may counterbalance the heart-disease-effect of smoking.)
Reply:  let's re-address in the year 2015

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