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Author:  Abele Derer
E-mail:  abelederer@gmail.com
Date:  10/11/2005 2:47:00 PM
Subject:  kallah in the mens' section
Message:  Is it preferable for the Kallah to come in the mens' section during dancing so that the men could dance in front of her, or is it preferable that, for tzniut purposes, she should remain in the ladies' section. Or is their no preferance either way.
Reply:  If the Chosson wants her to come, she should. I'm sure he asked his Rov. If you are the Chosson and you are asking the question, the asnwer will be based on what it will do to the over all wedding. Whether it is allowed or not according to Halacha, it may not be relevant, if a parent or Rosh Yeshiva does not want it and will make a tumult. A wedding night should never have Machloket identified with it.

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