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Author:  Yisroel
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Date:  9/23/2005 7:19:00 AM
Subject:  OU and other Hosh-kacha agencies
Message:  Message: Would you say that their is a certain level of degree of corruption in the OU and other supervision agencies? For example, in your opinion, would you say that they are more interested in money than making things kosher for obervant jews?

Reply: You said it. I'm just listening....

Do you think you should be "listening" at all to this? Clearly it's Lashon Hora and may not be listened to unless (a) it's true, (b) we have a need to know about it (which may well be the case), (c) the information is not exaggerated and (d) the giver of the information has no ulterior motive (a Safek). In any event, it may not be believed, but merely acted upon.

Kol Tuv.

Reply:  I think you didn't finish your statement.

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