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Author:  Mike Tawil
E-mail:  mt011@aol.com
Date:  9/13/2005 11:23:00 AM
Message:  Attn Harold
If you would pay attention to what I wrote instead of twisting it to the way you wanted hear it you would understand. You wrote. "I suppose A well groomed, bearded Jew, and his children, with their tzitzit showing (neatly) walking towards the temple Saturday morning is a chilul hashem". First of all I said it regarding kippah not regarding tzizit, because tzizit is actually a misvat aseh. And I did not say that it’s a chilul hashem if you’re just walking down the street. So don’t start changing my words, so it best fits your demented way of thinking. And I don’t appreciate you referring to us as "you people", and questioning where we get our chinuch from. We were taught the "emet" without the excess that "you people" emphasize. But I realized that your so befuddled as it is, it’s useless to even try to explain myself.

Reply:  Ok. Ok. Ok. fellows! Let's break it up....

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