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Author:  Harold
E-mail:  not available
Date:  9/11/2005 3:01:00 PM
Subject:  Kippah-Mike Tawil
Message:  I was just perusing some old posts, and one caught my mind and Ire. Mike Tawil (no email) complaines that since wearing a Kippah is not a "chiuv" we shouldn't wear one, because it causes "chilul Hashem"?!
-Your answer was right on,- but what kind of chinuch do these people get? Doing a "jewish" thing, even not a "chiuv" is chilul hashem?? I suppose A well groomed, bearded Jew, and his children, with their tzitzit showing (neatly) walking towards the temple Saturday morning is a chilul hashem, maybe thats why we unfortunately don't see enough "Mikes" around, They are "machmir" in Chilul Hashem. Thats why they probably don't frequent Kosher establishments it's too much of a chilul Hashem.
Reply:  Let's not beat anyone up. The general concept can have its merits. In this case, it was not the law.

Consider this, a community out in Gibraltar or somewhere decides to wear bright yellow shoes as some sort of religious uniform. There can be many problems with a new custom like that.

Yes, if we are supposed to wear Teffilin, we shouldn't be embarrassed about wearing them. But bright yellow shoes? What for? Then people in the neighborhood look at you strangely. Your children begin coming up with excuses why God requires it. People in the community wearing a more faded yellow are alienated. And God is wondering, "Hmmm, I don't remember requesting yellow shoes...."

No, this is not the same. Wearing a Kippa has serious significance. But there are many of our actions that we base on "religion" that are not from God. These things usually cause negative outcomes on some angle or another. Our job is to stick to the script.

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