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Author:  andrea kaufman
E-mail:  superkauf23@yahoo.com
Date:  9/11/2005 9:50:00 AM
Subject:  shomer witnesses
Message:  Hello from London

hope you can help. I am a frum woman who attended Machon Chana 12 years ago. I learnt m,any things that have stayed with me all the years. I have just met a couple whom I have known on and off for a few years, tey told me that they were both married before in Orthordox shauls, however, they are not at all frum, then they told me that the lady got pregnant before she got her Get from her first husband, she then went on to marry the father of her child in a Reform shaul, she said her child was a mumzer now. I asked her whether her witnesses were shomer shabbos. This is what I can remeber from my learning, she is going to phone the London Beth Din today, what do you say about this.
Thanks, I do hope there is a loop hole.

Andrea Kaufman
Reply:  Are they looking to become religious?
Let the problem be addressed when it becomes an issue. Normally, we don't trust their statements anyway. It would require two religious male witnesses to have seen the woman with this man and follow her around and know for a fact that she was not with her husband for several months. It is almost impossible to prove.

Right now it doesn't affect anyone. If and when it does, allow them to look into it.


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