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Author:  Dov
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Date:  9/9/2005 1:14:00 PM
Subject:  Mevushal - No Good for Qidush
Message:  Message: Dear Rabbi,
Not offended at all by your response( you are usually so calm :-) ), although the question still remains.

I often entertain non-observant relatives and friends. I usually, as a preference and maybe halacha, only serve non-mevushal wine. If I pour it for them, it`s kosher. But it`s not always convenient, especially at Pesach to do this. If, as I do, suggest each pour his or her own wine, am I putting a stumbling block in front of the blind by doing that.
Thee bracha question was extra. If I make kiddush for them on wine they have poured for themselves, is that a problem? Many of mu guests want to do the right thing and will ask what the correct bracha is on such and such, and if it`s now on non-kosher wine, should they say it? ( obviously if I`ve said kiddush for them I`ll tell them it`s already done.
And Chag sameach,

Reply: Why not serve mevushal wine?

Because, talmudically, mevushal is not fit for Qidush or Habdalah. The same thing goes for "yayin megule" (uncovered) or "yayin sherecho ra" (with a bad smell). Same thing goes for wine that has been mixed with honey or barley. So think about it tonight before saying a berakhah lebatalah.

Reply:  You're not saying that the many people who make Kiddush on Grape Juice are saying a berakhah lebatalah, are you? I hope not!
I know you are aware that we don't follow every Halacha that is brought down in the Talmud. We follow the Shulchan Aruch and the Poskim.
I guess, I'll assume were trying to make some point. Can you try again. We'd love to hear from you.

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