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Author:  anon
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Date:  8/29/2005 4:55:00 PM
Subject:  having a rav
Message:  well im a little confused about this..
see lately i decided that its VITAL to have a rav and one and follow him.Rav Abadi shlita is my rav and i have spoken to him.. the question i now have is this.. do i follow him exclusivly and thus am able to take guidance from this site about things im not sure are ok/right or wrong?
also what about the fact that ive been frum for all my life and i do things a cretain way which may b different from what the Rav shlita would paskin.. this will b unknowingly.. so what do u think i should do??/
and also is there any credence for "feeling something is wrong" even when its paskin to me right??like for ex i thought starbucks fraps were not kosher and yet here it is clear that rabbi abadi says they are??? and also what about being more strict even if u are told something is ok?is that considered not following the rav u are meant to???
Reply:  Follow him exclusively.... why not?

You try your best. Keeping the requirements and doing them right is a lifetime process. Keep heading upwards....

"feeling something is wrong"......
In Kohelet it says you must listen to the Rav/Navie to do things that are right and also to do things that "feel wrong." (Look at the Rashi in Kohelet on the Pasuk, Mizeh Umizeh al tanach raglecha.....or something like that.)

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