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Author:  Mike Tawil
E-mail:  mt011@aol.com
Date:  8/29/2005 12:10:00 PM
Subject:  re:kippah
Message:  This is in response to your reply about kippah .
You wrote:
C'mon, that is a real twist. Are you telling me that if it does not say 'chayav or assur' in the Shulhan Aruch, you don't follow it or you pick and choose which ones are easy. There are many places where it does not say 'chayav or assur' in the Shulhan Aruch.
Wearing a Kippa is not just "a nice custom", it is a requirement. At least that is what it says in my father's sefer. He adds at the end of the Teshuva 'vechosheshani lahem min hakasuv uporeitz geder yishachenu nachash'.

First of all yes you must be technical with the words of Maran and not think that he uses his words haphazardly. If he uses one word instead of another it is obviously for a reason. You cannot say that if you don’t wear a kippah you are making a sin, nor can you say that it is a misvah to wear one, nor does anyone have the right to rebuke someone that doesn’t wear a kippah. This is the problem of Jews these days they make what’s eekar tafel and whats tafel eekar. Instead of people being rebuked for things that they should be rebuked for there being rebuked for things that it is asur to rebuke someone about(kippah). Chacham Ovadia Yosef writes that it is not a requirement to wear a kippah; however we shouldn’t assoaciate ourselves with the non-religious. Bottom line there is no cheyuv to wear a kippah.

You wrote:
The Gemara says if a person wants to do an aveira, he should go to a place where people don't recognize him etc. Is that what you mean by don't wear your kipa, so they will not know that you are Jewish. How about not doing anything that can cause a Chillul Hashem.

It’s still an aveira if you do it beshogeg (unintentional), Which bring me back to my point, why risk an aveira* just to perform something that is nice, but not even a requirement.

*not only is it an aveira but it is the worst aveira you can commit. You need repentance, yom kippur, affliction and death to atone for it. The only sin that requires all these 4 steps for complete atonement.

Reply:  So are you saying, I would rather not wear a kipa because maybe I will do an aveira and it will be a Chillul Hashem? can't be!

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