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Author:  Fred E. Dweck
E-mail:  shomer18-tempo@yahoo.com
Date:  8/26/2005 12:24:00 PM
Subject:  GLASSWARE (again2)
Message:  I’m sorry to belabor the point. However, it wouldn’t be necessary if you would answer the questions as they are posed. In my previous post I requested to know the basis for your father’s pesak, if he agreed with you. you didn’t respond to that.

Please let me know the basis of your esteemed father’s pesak. Since I, and my family and friends, know him personally and hold him in very high esteem, and respect him greatly.

Since the entire matter of using different utensils for meat and dairy (as with all the halachot of ta’arobet) has to do with “Noten Ta’am,” I would love to know how something that doesn’t absorb, and is clean can be “Noten Ta’am.” If it CANNOT impart a taste, then on what basis can it be prohibited to use it for both? The concept of “Noten Ta’am” is the entire basis for separate utensils and “Batel Be’shishim,” as well as the difference between “Ben Yomo” and “She’eino Ben Yomo” and “Noten Ta’am Lifgam,” etc. Therefore, since something, LIKE GLASS, CANNOT be “Noten Ta’am,” how can we prohibit it’s use for both?

I will not go further, although I feel that I can argue the point ad infinitum, especially why the halacha of the knife does not apply. Therefore, knowing the basis for the pesak is essential to accepting or rejecting it. This is the Torah way! We are allowed to question the basis of a pesak; even from a “Gadol Hador.”

Shabbat Shalom!

Yours truly,
Fred (Yeshuah) Dweck
Reply:  This website was not created for discussions on the basis of my father's P'sak. We try to just give answers.
When we give the basis, we get permission from my father to go into it. Usually he doesn't feel that we can do justice to a, sometimes complicated, P'sak process on the site.

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