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Author:  Sammy Levy
E-mail:  sun365@gmail.com
Date:  8/25/2005 4:33:00 PM
Subject:  Q about Mezuzoth
Message:  I have a few Mezuzah questions:

I just moved into a new apt that I’m renting. One walks into a large living room. On the right side there is a doorway (not door) that go to a very small (6’ X 3’) hallway (?). This hallway has three other doorways – one is to a bathroom, the other is to a bedroom, and the other is an accordion door that opens to an even smaller hall (3’ X 2’) that has a door to a walk-in closet.

My question – does this walk in close warrant a mezuzah? Also this walk in close has another door to a bedroom, but this other door is nailed shut.

In general do doorway without doors need a Mezuzah?

I have a balcony that is 5’ X 30’. Do doors leading on to the balcony need a Mezuzah?

Much blessing and thanks for the tremendous holy work you do on the net.
Reply:  The door to the 6 X 3 hallway does not need a Mezuza.
If the walk in closet is bigger than 8 X 8 it needs a Mezuza on the right going in. Otherwise, this setup does not need one. The nailed door is like there is no door.
A doorway without a door still needs a Mezuza.
The balcony needs a Mezuza, on the right, going into the house, if the room it goes into is 8 X 8.

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