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Author:  Reuven Spero
E-mail:  spero@013.net.il
Date:  8/21/2005 11:09:00 AM
Subject:  netilah
Message:  i was interested to read that you said we pour over each hand once for netilat yadaim before bread. That certainly seems consistent with the mishna, but I've never heard it taught that way.

but what about the bracha??? usually we bless then do the action of the blessing, but with netilat yadaim, it is the opposite. I have heard that we do it that way because we do not want to make a bracha in a makom m'tunaf, but that would only apply for netilat yadaim after going to the bathroom, and in many homes, the sink is outside the bathroom anyways. Is it permissible to say the blessing BEFORE washing?
Reply:  You only have to pour a riviit of water on each hand, once.
Look in Shulchan Aruch, Orach Chaim Siman 158 #11 about this Halacha.
In short, making the Bracha after is best because usually your hands are dirty, so the Chachamim made a rule to always make the Bracha after washing. If one made a Bracha before washing, it would be a good Bracha. The best thing to do is, make the Bracha after washing while rubbing off the water from your hands befroe drying them. But, you even make it after that, as long as you didn't say Hamotzi yet.
If the only sink you have is in the bathroom (ie a hotel), then wash in the bathroom then go out and before drying your hands, say the Bracha.
(Yes, if you want to, you can even say the Bracha in the bathroom if it is clean and does not smell. Depends which hotel you are in.)

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