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Author:  Chaim
E-mail:  eldoochay@aol.com
Date:  8/20/2005 10:33:00 PM
Subject:  Eruv In Flatbush
Message:  Dear Rabbi Abadi,
With regards to the eruv in Flatbush created by Rabbi B.Z. Vosner shlita"h my family uses this eruv based on the nimuki"m and psak halacha of HaGaon R' Tuviah Goldstien ZT"L.If you would be so kind and write to me the principle reasons for your fathers Hisnagdus to the eruv.
Thank you in advance.

Reply:  Whenever the Mehaber says two differing Halachot and says the second one with 'yesh omrim' (meaning some say), we pasken like the first shita. In Shulhan Aruch Orah Chaim Siman 445 #6 it says a Reshut Harabim is a street that is 16 amot wide. Then it says yesh omrim you need 600,000 people. Look at the Biur Halacha on that yesh omrim. I don't understand why this kula many Rabanim use, which most earlier Rabbanim say not to use, but when it comes to kitniyot they are machmir way way overboard, without basis. The negativity that is caused by these chumrot are sometimes very destructive.

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