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Author:  Chaim Shmuel
E-mail:  Chaim_Shmuel@hotmail.com
Date:  8/19/2005 10:30:00 AM
Subject:  Conservative and Reformm
I've read (and believe I understand) your stance on entering Conservative and Reform Temples and your reasoning about not wanting to legitimitize their practice of a different Judaism.

There is a admitted concept amongst Rabbis and others in the Conservative and Reform worlds called "Orthodox Envy" in which they see the knowledge and commitment of members of Orthodox institutions. Such encounters are usually in settings designed to bring Jews from all walks of life together as one.

Whilst no one is turning them "frum" this often leads them to re-energize their congregations by instituting "new" observances or customs; in other words, introducing more traditional practices and mitzvot.

If this is an outcome of interaction between members of the Orthodox world and the Conservative and Reforms worlds, I see it as a good thing. As is any bridging of gaps between Jews.

Could this outcome be used as a justification to attend interdenominatonal events? At my shul but not at theirs? Is it against halacha or just not a good idea to attend there?

Reply:  It is against Halacha.
It is said that if a Person was running away from someone and to save himself, he can run into a church or a Reform temple, he should run into a church.

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