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Author:  Ben
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Date:  8/16/2005 1:34:00 PM
Subject:  Re: Motion detector
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We are looking at an apartment in a building with a motion detector outside, which turns on a light when you walk by at night. That is the only way in to the building. Is this a shabbat problem? Please mention the relevant hilchot shabbat issues. We want to understand if we need to avoid this building, assuming they will not agree to disable the motion detector on Shabbat.
Reply:      it's no problem-no need to avoid

Thank you for the reply. We have heard from others that this is a psik reisha d'nicha lei - the light will definitely go on, and it is quite dark without the light, so it is helpful. Can you please explain why this is not the case? Can we use the entrance l'chatchila?
Reply:  If the only way you can see at that point is with the light that turns on, then it is not allowed. Otherwise it is no problem. Usually, you can see without the light.

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