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Author:  Take Heart
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Date:  8/16/2005 7:28:00 AM
Subject:  Nucal Fold Screening
Message:  Dear Rabbi Abadi,

I understand that most Rabbis will allow for Sonograms of babies within the womb to screen for heart defects, etc.

However, I wanted to know what you think about the new Nucal Fold Screening that is now being done with these sonograms.

Unwittingly, I my last sonogram included a nucal fold screening. The doctors informed me that the child in my womb had a "nucal fold" which they said meant that the baby I carried had Down's Syndrome. They then asked me if I wanted to have further tests to confirm their results, and whether I would like to think about aborting the child!! They said this testing is done early, so that abortion can be an option.

I was more than upset and angry, I was terrified and shocked. I became very depressed. I felt that they had stolen my pregnancy from me. I never asked for such screening, and what was a beautiful pregnancy was now transformed into a terrifying, sad, and upsetting nightmare for me and my husband.

I refused further testing, and said Tehillim instead. I was at peace with whatever Hashm decided for me, believing that G-d chooses only the most deserving and able parents for the special challenges of a disabled child. If we were Hashm's choice for such an assignment, then I it would be my honor to accept it.

Our child was born perfectly healthy and without any developmental delays, despite the doctor's predictions. I thank G-d for my beautiful child every day.

I wanted to share this information with you so that you might comment upon this new screening and allow potential new parents to know of this test that may be done when they are not expecting it--and what might come from those tests. I also wanted to let other parents know that what their doctors say may not be what happens.


Take Heart

Reply:  Thank you for that. My father has heard about this test, being misdiagnosed and/or read, before. Boruch Hashem, you did the right thing. K'lal Yisrael needs people with your strengths and convictions.
Hatzlacha Rabba

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