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Author:  Mike Tawil
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Date:  7/18/2005 2:29:00 PM
Subject:  re:kippah
Message:  Subject: Kippah
Message: 1) Must one wear a kippah while eating?

2) What about learning?

3) Saying a bracha?

Reply: Yes to all three and also when walking, standing, sitting and any other time that you are awake.

Lechvod harav,
      How can you say that someone MUST wear a kippah. We all know there is no chiuv to wear a kippah nor is it a misvah. Maran writes in shulchan aruch "lo yelech arba amot bgalui rosh" (you shouldnt walk 4 amot with your head uncovered) however if you are technichal with the language he says lo yelech, and not asur. so you can not say that one MUST wear a kippah. rather you can say its a thing to do. ( even though i feel its worse because of all the chulul hashems you would be making during the day, for example cutting someone off on the highway or anything that you can not garantee that you will not do.) So i feel that your putting so much at risk(a chilul hashem which is the worst sin you can commit) just to perfrom a nice custom (Kippah).. but the risk to return is too great in my eyes.


Reply:  C'mon, that is a real twist. Are you telling me that if it does not say 'chayav or assur' in the Shulhan Aruch, you don't follow it or you pick and choose which ones are easy. There are many places where it does not say 'chayav or assur' in the Shulhan Aruch.
Wearing a Kippa is not just "a nice custom", it is a requirement. At least that is what it says in my father's sefer. He adds at the end of the Teshuva 'vechosheshani lahem min hakasuv uporeitz geder yishachenu nachash'.
The Gemara says if a person wants to do an aveira, he should go to a place where people don't recognize him etc. Is that what you mean by don't wear your kipa, so they will not know that you are Jewish. How about not doing anything that can cause a Chillul Hashem.

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