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Author:  anon
E-mail:  bigplayer@yahoo.com
Date:  7/11/2005 5:55:00 PM
Subject:  night clubs
Message:  hi Rabbi,
G-d has been very kind to me, and i now have a very large A T M machine buisness. Last week, I was offered a contract from a group of about tenty five night clubs. These night clubs are not just for drinking alcohol, etc.(major sins going on in these places). I was told that I would not have to service the machines in these places, and that Iwould never have to enter them. Still, I said no. No regrets. I am sure that G-d will provide me from a kosher source.
My question is (this quesion is purely acedemic, it will not change my decision), would providing these clubs with the machines have constituted the violation of placing a stumbling block? ( I would like to think that no jews go there G-d forbid, but you never know. Actually, I remember a post from maybe three years ago of a guy asking if he can get into a car that his friends are driving, on saabath, and go clubing if he isn't driving, so who knows.) The people there can probably get the cash somewhere else?
thanks for your time
Reply:  You did the right thing, morally and Halachically.

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