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Author:  JE
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Date:  6/28/2005 3:41:00 PM
Subject:  Crock Pot
Message:  I did read all the posts and the idea of covering a crock pot knowb was dismissed out of hand and other readers were even more vocal regarding the silliness of the idea. I was writing regarding not to the actual psak but to the implications in other posts that convering knobs is not necessary in the least when Rav Moshe says you should cover them (and I know he says you MUST cover the hear source...it is in the same teshuva as where he says you should not make a macha'a againts someone who does not cover the knob after repeatedly saying it is a good ida to because it is the makom chitui).

The following posts are what my point was referring to...

Subject:        RE: ISSY BElCH
Message:      ISSY, where is your mekor for Chasidus , Boro park and williamsburg, have anything to do with frum ? probably the same mekor for covering a knob with something....
Reply:      He is misguided, it is not his fault.

He is not misguided. R' Moshe says you should cover the knobs AS WELL and i believe that is what what was being referred to.    I realize he was wrong in that you need to cover the fire as well but the knob business has a basis. That was my point...no need to get all ornery.
Reply:  It didn't sound like you realized he was wrong. Clarification is accepted.

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