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Author:  JE
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Date:  6/26/2005 3:31:00 PM
Subject:  Blech
Message:  I e-mailed before but it was not replied to...Rav Moshe Feinstein writes in a teshuva that one should cover the makom chitui ie the knobs of a stove top when cooking because although it is not the fire since that is where one adjusts the heat a heker is needed there as well. He says that one should not make an outcry against someone who does not cover the knobs though. That seems to be the source for covering knobs that for some reason is being written off as a moronic idea with no source. I understand that R' Abadi doesn't necessarily pasken like this but at least it should not be dismissed as a ludicrous idea with no basis in halacha...
Reply:  I didn't see your previous e-mail, but if it was anything like this one, I probably wasn't in the mood of wasting time answering it.
Are you saying that Reb Moshe paskens that all you have to do is cover the knobs? Well it just so happens to be that he says the exact opposite. "You 'must' cover the heat source and you 'should' also cover the knobs".
Try to reread the posts that you are refering to. I didn't see where we treated the knobs as 'moronic'. I guess it would be 'moronic' to write something without really reading what you are writing about. CYA

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