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Author:  josh
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Date:  6/23/2005 3:21:00 PM
Subject:  re: netilah
Message:  lechvod harav,

I think your misunderstanding me,

On 6/8 some one asked you a question stating "if when washing my hands in the morning and i mistakenly wash like i do for bread did i fullfill my obligation?
you responed: "No good, you need to wash 3 times on each hand"
Now what im saying is that the mitsvah of netilat yadayim is not dependent if you washed 3 times or not, or the order in how you wash. The source for washing 3 times on each hand is from the kabalah and you cannot say that if you did not follow kabalah you did not fulfill your obligation. you would fulfil your obligation even if you washed once on each hand . You cant take kabalah as halacha, and you cant say that if you do not practice kabalah you are making a sin. Halacha is rooted form the gemara and thats it.
Once again what im saying is that even if you washed like you would for bread mistakenly in the morning, you 100% fulfilled your obligation!

Reply:  I'm not sure if you are serious or making a play on words.
When washing your hands for bread, we pour water on each hand once. When washing in the morning, we pour water three times on each hand. If you washed only once in the morning, you still have not fulfilled the required washing of your hands.
If I am saying something that you disagree with, please tell me what you base your opinion on.

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