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Author:  wolff
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Date:  6/20/2005 8:49:00 AM
Subject:  crosses and prayer
Message:  dear R. Abadi i met you at your nephews birthday party and you told me about this site and i finally have a question that i cant find the answer to.
my mom was listening to a rabbi reisman tape on naviem and she said that if there is a cross in the room and you pray. that the prayers dont go to heaven. the thing is if that is true how can people go to "meetings" (you know what i mean) in a church and then say the serenity prayer i would appreciate if you can answer this question, if you cant it would be helpful to know where i can get the answer from. thank you   
Reply:  A cross is not the problem. People go to St. This or That Hospital with crosses in the room and they pray. We shouldn't go to churches. NA meetings, AA meetings and so on are usually in churches. If they're in another room, which they almost always are, it's OK. If it is in a religious Jewish neighborhood, don't use the main entrance. The "twelve Steps" do not specify any specific religion, and are basics of faith in Judaism as well as in almost all other religions.

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