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Author:  rav ashei
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Date:  6/17/2005 11:34:00 AM
Subject:  For Josh
Message:  lechvod harav,

You previously wrote that if you mistakenly wash 3 times on each hand in the morning you do not fullfill your obligation. that is not true, the source for washing 3 times on each hand is kabalah and you cannot say that if you did not follow kabalah you did not fulfil your obligation. you would fulfil your obligation even if you did once on each hand. Yes it is written in shulchan aruch, but it did not say that you did not wash three times on each hand you did not fulfill your obligation. You cant take kabalah as halacha, and you cant say that if you do not practice kabalah you are making a sin. Halacha is rooted form the gemara and thats it

Josh, e-mail me at ravashei@hotmail.com. I have a few websites to show you on that topic.

Good Shabbos
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