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Author:  SHWARTZ
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Date:  6/10/2005 7:16:00 PM
Subject:  lakewood
Message:  Last week in lakewood erev shabbos a fire was put out quickly by the fire department thank god. the lakewood yeshivah made a public thank you (by their evening of "CHIZUK HATORAH") for the fire department, acceptable, however how is it muttar for them to thank the brave efforts of the "POLICE DEPARTMENT" a bunch of NAZIS who sit all day long on clifton giving kollel yungeleit tickets bec they didn't jump fast enough when they said move. instead of giving tickets for afew hours they were busy blocking off a street .
isn't there an issur of lo sischaten bom , kissing up to gentiles for no reason.
there is nothing to be gained from thanking them other than for them to know that no matter how badly they abuse us we will always be greatfull, and will continue to let them tax us to death (it's probably the sitra achra trying to take us out of kollel, or maybe you would say the yetzer TOV))
Reply:  First of all, you need to ask the Roshei Hayeshiva this question.
Second of all, judging from your attitude, it probably is the Yetzer Tov of everyone else in Kollel, trying to get you to leave Kollel.
Have a great Yom Tov.

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