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Author:  AnotherLkwdGuy
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Date:  6/1/2005 11:24:00 PM
Subject:  Re: Kosher Meat
Message:  I'd like to address an old post of yours, in which you were replying to a question of mine.


In your answer there, in reference to followers of Chabad who believe the Rebbe to be Moshiach, you write:
"In order to be an Apikores, the person must understand what they are presenting and actually believe in it. This is just plain hype. Even if they believed he was Moshiach, they would just be wrong. Whgy should that make them Apikorsim. Fools, OK, but Apikorsim? Why?"

Yet in an older post of yours you write:


"Similarly, the movement within the Lubavitch communities that are parading around suggesting that their late Rebbi, Rabbi Menachem Mendel Shneurson, is the Messiah, they are in the same boat. They act as if choosing the Messiah is a democratic process, and are obsessed with this craziness, to levels close to idol worship. Their study in Jewish Law is almost completely limited to following the Rambam, yet they clearly ignore or ignorant of the Rambam in other areas. Specifically, the Rambam says (Hilchot Melachim 11:3) that in the time of Bar Kochbah, who was a false messiah, many Rabbis believed that he was the real Messiah; this included Rabbi Akiva. Once Bar Kochba died, it was obvious that he was not the Messiah. A dead Messiah is not much of a Messiah.
Don't talk to these people don't send your children to places where these people teach. Don't read books written or translated by any of these Apikorsim. It is very dangerous!"

Why the change of heart?
Reply:  There are some crazies, but don't mess with the whole group.

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