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Author:  samantha
E-mail:  yeah right!@me2.com
Date:  6/1/2005 7:54:00 PM
Subject:  beach 2
Message:  beach
Message: what does a girl have to wear at the beach?
are baggy pants ok???? what abt short sleeves???

Reply: are baggy pants ok????

what abt short sleeves???

How can u determine if pants are baggy enough? also does a peron have to be concerned about the sun- in referance to the pants or t-shirt being see thru.. more so at the beach where there's a strong sun.....???????
thanks for replying.
Reply:  I don't believe you really need my input here. You know what is Tzanua and what is not. There are plenty of women wearing short and tight skirts. Do they not know that it is a problem? Look in the mirror and make that judgment call.

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