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Author:  HaDaR
E-mail:  HaDaR-Israel@013.net
Date:  5/30/2005 5:26:00 PM
Subject:  Yom Ha'atzmaut 2
Message:  [...] Is Purim a big enough nes to say Hallel, yet we don't.
Plus, to add to the Tefilla, we need some big people to approve it, which we don't have.

Sorry but this time you are contradicting the Torah she Be'al pe', and that is beyond your samchuth.

The reason why we do not say Hallel on Purim is explicitely mentioned in the Talmud Bavli Meghilla 14:alef, and that is because we dot say Hallel on a miracle that happened in chuts la`arets.

The sources, the big people, we had them once and for all: the neviim, and in fact Hallel is a taqanath neviim. THEY established why and how to say hallel for a miracle, not us.
Check Talmud Bavli Pesachim 117:alef. We do not need ANY other gushpanqa. And if we wait for the "wait and do nothing people", the same people who put hashgachoth on clorox, we won't even welcome Mashich when he comes.

The Israeli Rabbinate has decided in 1948 with the OK of most of the ghedolim to say Hallel without a berakhà, and in 1976 to say it with.

Reply:  You are correct on Purim. I added that in, but i confused it with something else.
I'm not going to debate the Gedolim issue. You can do as you please. I was just answering a question from someone who wanted to know what my father holds.

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