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Author:  mm
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Date:  5/30/2005 1:24:00 PM
Subject:  mikveh lady job
Message:  Wow ... you mentioned "her real job. Just watch them go in and under with all their hair and send them home. Zehu!..."
This is an eye opener for me (a male) and my wife and probably many other women in our community.

Which means if that is the only thing she is supposed to do..the rest (ie proper preparation AL PI HALACHA) is based on some sort of trust. We should actually trust our wives have studied these laws, trust that they inquired amongst their rabbis when an unusual situation comes up, trust that they understand the issurim involved...etc.

The same way we should trust our wives that they have purchased the proper meat and trust they did tebilat kelim while we were at work and any other halachot that involve our trust in women. (incidentally how does the mikveh lady know it is the 7th day for any women that walks in?) I guess she has to trust our wives ability to count days.

Please..Lets start trusting our wives again, I trust mine.

Reply:  Sounds like a good idea. Maybe the Mikve ladies are not trusted at home...

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