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Author:  windqaz
E-mail:  tpne11b@juno.com
Date:  5/30/2005 10:31:00 AM
Subject:  earings
Message:  With regard to earings how can you bring proof from the fact that earings were worn and donated in the making of the Golden calf? They were wearing them from before Matan Torah!
From anther side isn't it ossur to make a Chavalah-cut- into ones self? Isn't that the main reason Avrohom Ovinu could not give himself a Bris because his "chumrah" of keeping all the Torah could not superseed one of the Shiva Mitzvos B'nai Noach which prohibits "shvichas domim" in others as well as oneself? It wasn't until Hashem made it the eighth Mitzvah that Avrohom was able to circumsize himself. (this is written in the Torah T'mima as the main reason not Godol hamitzuvah etc.)
Now if you talk about clip on earings well......that's another story.
Reply:  Is this just from memory, or you have sources?
Are you suggesting that the last time Jewish Men wore earrings was before the "Egel," golden calf?

In regards to "Chavalah-cut- into ones self," this should be the same for women. Are you saying that women cannot wear earrings?

Or maybe you are just looking to justify your tradition, by hook or by crook....

In line with those traditions, it seems that the Shulchan Aruch in 301 forbids men to wear hats on Shabbat, and in 303 permits men to wear rings on Shabbat. Not much into your traditions.


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