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Author:  Sefaradi Tahor
E-mail:  toratmoshe@aol.com
Date:  5/29/2005 6:04:00 PM
Subject:  mikveh
Message:  With all these complaints about the mikveh and the mikveh lady, is it not time for a change ? Maybe this woman who runs it should be fired. It seems that she is ignorant and doesn't do her job right. Is it not time to take back OUR MIKVEH from these Ultra- Right wing fanatics ? It may be time to demand from the community a change. TAKE BACK OUR MIKVEH !!!!

If anyone is interested in starting this campaign please email me with your ideas.
Reply:  I don't think the Mikve lady did anything wrong. She was following directions. The fault is with the Rabbis. (And do me favor, don't throw me the line "the nazis also said they were following orders".) If she is taught the wrong way, we can only hope that she realizes her mistake and doesn't repeat it.
Wait till one of these Rabbis has a child who doesn't follow the path perfectly and ends up getting rejected by some mikve lady. Watch how fast things willl change then. The old saying is always on the money, "a conservative, is a liberal who got mugged". Wait, those 'right wing fanatics' will come around one day. Just stick with Hashem, and the Mitzvot and you'll be okay.

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