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Author:  HaDaR
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Date:  5/29/2005 7:48:00 AM
Subject:  Earrings
Message:  You wrote:
On another note:
I told a young man who wears an earring in a community that shuns this, that if anyone gives him a hard time and asks him to get rid of his earring, he should remind him that the last time Jewish men removed their earrings, they created an "Egel," the golden calf....


I cannot stand earrings, but THAT IS EXACTLY what to answer!!!...

Having grown up in a place where cohane' avodah zarah wear black and flip out from earrings, and having no cheleq in pilpul, I am certain that wearing an earring is CERTAINLY more Torah-true than wearing black, which the tannaim, who wore white, would not do and adviced to do in another city as a sign of shame when one could not contain his yetser and wanted to go and see a zonah.
Reply:  We aim to stick with the Torah.

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