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Author:  Abe Faur
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Date:  5/28/2005 2:59:00 PM
Subject:  Hosaat Shem Ra
Message:  Dear Rabbi,
I notice that my father's name appears in your website on several occassions by people seeking to defame his name, either directly or in passing.

I commend you for rejecting what at best is lashon Hara and at worst is hosaat shem ra. This is part of what the halacha requires of you. However, since I am informed of the truth, I can testify that my father is punticlious in the observance of all of the 613 commandments and if anything, takes a very strict position regarding Halakha. For example, we were always forbidden to carry in the Erub in Brooklyn and Israel. For example, we were forbidden to purchase any leavened products from a Jew for 30 days after Pesah irrespective of whether a fictitious sale took place...etc.etc.etc.

Given that I am informing you of my father's strictly observance of Halakha, I suggest that you do what is required of you under Jewish Law: to utterly reject the rediculous and unfounded accusations against my father. It's not enough to say: "I don't know and I don't care". If my father, is a great Hakham, then perhaps you should care. Perhaps you should come to his defense.
Yes, I know. People are afraid of people more than the Almighty. But, I say this by way of giving you an opportunity to do what is right in the eyes of the Almighty. And, I will do what I am obligated to do under Jewish Law: give you the benefit of the doubt.

Abraham J. Faur
Reply:  Abe
   The one writing against your father is certainly not on the "good people" list of this website and its surfers. We did not care to address his obnoxious claims. We rather left his words intact for people to see the dark side of these people. I do not know your father and I am not looking to judge him. If he follows Halacha strictly, then Kol HaKavod to him and his followers. Even if not, he would still be on a much higher plain than the obnoxious people looking to create Machloket (fights).

We try not to get involved in people bashing. In this situation, we needed to let him say his piece, in order that the entire world can see what we are dealing with. The "holier than thou" crowd.

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