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Author:  chaim
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Date:  5/27/2005 11:21:00 AM
Subject:  Mikveh nazis
Message:  Kavod Harav,

What disturbs me more than anythingn else, is the superficial mentality that our people run their lives with.People have been complaining of the comment thet The Rav made comparing the mikveh lady to the nazis yimach shemam. However if anyone really has true belief in Judiasm, and they realize the extreme power of mikveh, and the Taaras Hamishpacha issue, and the consequenses that come from NOT following Taaras Hamishpacha,then i think they would retract their their feelings of the comparison. I personally lost an entire generation in the holocaust, family that i never knew and will never know, my children will never know of them. The one thing they will know, is that those Kedoshim who were murdered, did so for Kiddush Hashem. They were murdered BECAUSE they were jewish and mostly because their fight to stand on principal and not sway from the derech. What these "rabbis" and mikveh ladies are doing, is worse then the Nazis, because they are doing it to their own people!!! they are killing off generations spiritually! which will eventually lead to the lack of the Mitzvah entirely!! they do this in the name of Torah, how dare they use G-ds name and the Torah to justify their Nazism!!?!? to justify their holocaust of jewish souls!! and the "murder" of future genrations!!!! if anyone should be offended here, it should be me, and everyone else who lost family to the holocaust. Im offended, that my family, and every other person who experienced the holocaust , sacrificed so much as a G-d fearing people, so that our genration, and future generations would be able to run our lives according to the Torah, for what? for people like these who are just destroying judiasm all over? im offended that people are coming out against The Rav for sticking up for what he believes, im offended that not enough people are showing their support in this matter, and showing everyone that our families who sacrifced for the sake of judiasm did so for a vaild reason!!! show your support call the mikveh call the rabbis and call anyone who had to do with this digusting display of nazism within our own communities, Hashem Yirachem, may G-d have mercy on all these murderers....
Reply:  Hashem should bless you with Nachas from and Hatzlacha with your children.

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