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Author:  HaDaR
E-mail:  HaDaR-Israel@013.net
Date:  5/27/2005 10:01:00 AM
Subject:  Zohar
Message:  AA wrote:

The Zohar says that these mass deaths, murders, plagues and the like throughout history are caused by Talmid She'eino Rauy Le'Horahah Umoreh. By Rabbis that are not qualified , yet determine Jewish Law.

Also in Avoth is written "Cherev ba la'olam...etc"

Where in the Zohar is the piece above?...

Reply:  "Cherev Ba Le'Olam... in Avot 5:8
good point. Thanks. But in Zohar it's spelled out a bit more.

In Zohar; the first piece in zohar.

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