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Author:  HaDaR
E-mail:  HaDaR-Israel@013.net
Date:  5/27/2005 9:39:00 AM
Subject:  Loving evrybody?...
Message:  There is a mitswa to hate the rash'à, and we tend to forget it, because of the influences of foreign cults, phiosophies, and especially the minim (so call x-tians)

You wrote and I like it alot:

If a person or people are chasing others away from Mitzvot, we are all expected, or better yet, required to stand up and fight them, insult them, do anything we can to stop them.

Can you please give me a brief quote from the Torah that says this?...

I suffered also personally a lot from that kind of "holier than thou" people...even some "very chashuv" Far Rockaway "big rav" who had a lot of shhtuyot passed by the Five Towns Vaad Ha-Kashrus, and who was called by Rabbi Yaakov Pinto "rash'à merush'à"...
They are the kind who have caused lots of trouble to our People and are - even if dressed in black like catholic priests to look more "religious" (another concept belonging to the minim) - as much Erev Rav as Chomsky, Finkelstein and Sarid, and pushing away people from Torah and Mitswoth probably even more than the latter.

Reply:  you can start at Talmud Bavli Shabbat 54B & 55A. But this concept is everywhere. By Mesit, by stories of Korach, by Pinchas, and in Halachah.

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