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Author:  windqaz
E-mail:  tpne11b@juno.com
Date:  5/27/2005 7:10:00 AM
Subject:  Mikvah revisited
Message:  On the subject "Mikvah revisited" isn't posible that you are wrong on some of your psokim, and not those Mikvah Rabbi's who if they are responsible for the chechsher of a mikva are ALSO learnred Torah scholars? Maybe they are right and it is certian "lieniencies" of Rabbis who are "maikel" that is causing the "computer" to go haywire? There are halochos of mikva just as there are halochos in every other issue, so why do you think only one opinion is "right"?
As far as the mikva lady, she is told by HER Rov what are the halochos of that mikva. If these are "stricter" then other mikvas so be it. If a woman wants a shul with a lower michitza or vis versa should we comply? No we shouldn't. We may make other suggestions to try to accomidate her, but if that doesn't work there are always other shuls. The lady is just listening to her rov (I hope). She certianly may not poskin on her own and she should even CALL her Rov on the spot if something different comes up EVEN if this question has come up before!
Reply:  I understand your point very well, however, it is based on an assumption that is incorrect. You are assuming that a Mikva lady's job, is to render Halachic decisions. Her job is to watch the women's hair go under water, PERIOD!!!! With that in mind, your comparisons are not relevant.
A mikva is not a shul, where you are required by Halacha to follow the Minhag of the Shul. A Mikva nowadays, is a place where it is more comfortable to dip in than the lakes and ponds that our ancestors used (with great Mesirat Nefesh). Do you think they had rules by those lakes?

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