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Author:  anonymous
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Date:  5/26/2005 4:46:00 PM
Subject:  Wearing a kippa
Message:  To the neurologist who feels as though wearing a kippa prevents patients from talking freely:

My husband is NOT a neurologist but he does wear a kippa. In fact he is not a doctor at all. He does run a business though.

My husband;s experience has been for years that when people see the kippa they RUN to talk to him about their sexual problems. This happens in the grocery store, when traveling on business, at meetings, on the phone EVERYWHERE!!!!!!

For some reason the kippa seems to inspire people to talk about and seek advice about very very personal things. Things that most people would much rather not talk about.

I would guess that the kippa represents a sign of integrity and trust to most people (especially non Jews!). In our experience, it does certainly help in business.

As a consumer of medical services, I will tell you that I have chosen doctors on many occasions in the past simply because "they were on our insurance plan and look this one wears a kippa".

I hope this helps.
Reply:  I always wear mine. If Arabs are comfortable wearing a Kafia, why shouldn't we wear our Kippa

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