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Author:  Albert
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Date:  5/25/2005 10:47:00 PM
Subject:  Response to Michael Anteby
Message:  "Even Hacham Obadya, when asked a question from someone in our community, said he could not answer because the local rabbi would understand the problem better."

-- so why not let the women who attend your mikveh follow their own rabbi? why must they follow you? are you greater than Hacham Obadya that you do not give them an option to follow a Rabbi who may understand their situations better? you may suggest your views on others, but you can not and should not force them.


"You have a great deal to answer maligning my wife who has dedicated herself to running the Sephardic Mikveh—under trustworthy rabbinical supervision."

-- Any Rabbinical supervision that forbids a woman from dipping in a Mikveh is not trustworthy.


"your statement that the G-d fearing people—including the rabbis—who run the mikveh as "a bunch of Reshaim!" reeks of apikorosuit."

-- and what would you call someone that prevents a niddah from dipping in a Mikveh?


"If a woman does not want to keep the halacha, they can dip themselves in a bath and be satisfied with that,"

-- so you would prefer they dip in a non-kosher Mikveh? if she is showing up at your door she obviously cares to dip in a real Mikveh, but it seems she's not good enough for you, so better she should remain a Niddah.


"producing children who are defective, being children of a niddah."

-- now who's fault would that be? could it be the fault of the one who forbids them from dipping? furthermore, you must have faith in the inteligence of the community not to take what you say as the word of god. saying they will have defective children is like saying one will get struck by lighting if he breaks shabbat. i have news for you, it's happened and the children were not all deffective. God can choose his own methods of reward and punishment, you are not one to dictate them.


"Or if she doesn't like the rules of the mikveh she can go to a more "modern" one that can accomodate any form of violation of the halacha."

-- oh, so you mean there are other Rabbis in the community who actually allow women to dip in the Mikveh? but I guess everyone else must be wrong because your view is the only valid one (just as Hitler must have thought).


"Or she can come to the Sephardic Mikveh—as long as she relies on G-d fearing rabbis who supervise it"

-- any god fearing Rabbi would welcome a woman who wants to dip in a Mikveh and not turn her away.


" He left bones and blood in his trail as all outsiders interferring in our community do."

-- I believe it is you that is soaked in the blood of Issur Nidda for all the women you have turned away from purifying themselves for their husbands in a Mikveh.


A Mikveh in a community should be opened to the public for the benefit of those who wish to use it. You have no right to restrict anyone from dipping. There are plenty of oceans in the world were women can dip, are you going to have someone patrolling all the beaches to keep women from dipping unless they go by YOUR standards? Does a butcher refuse to sell meat to a customer who doesnt wear a kippa? How dare you force someone to be a Niddah simply for following her own Rabbi rather than following you? Do you honestly believe that she is better off to not dip at all rather than dip with nailpolish? if you do, that shows how far removed from logic your closed minded brain has become.

And just for the record, Rabbi Abadi serves our community not as a business to get paid but out of the goodness of his heart and to keep people in touch with the "real" halacha rather than your distorted version.
Reply:  Amen to that! We should give you a job here.

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