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Author:  Anon
E-mail:  cindy1982@yahoo.com
Date:  5/25/2005 10:09:00 PM
Subject:  Sefardic Mikvah
Message:  So here I am at 10PM waiting for my wife to return from the Sefardic Mikvah on Avenue S when she calls me all upset. She was already in the water when the mikvah lady insisted on knowing who our Rav is that said it's ok to dip in the mikvah with a belly ring. Is it their business to know who my Rav is ? She stopped insisting when my wife responded "I don't know, my husband knows his name."
Reply:  Next time have her get out and punch her straight in the nose, and then go back in.

(she'll even thank you, because she can now get the insurance to pay for her long awaited nose job...)

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